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Top 3 Indian Strange Foods

Hi guys

I have traveled in India for 2 weeks last month.
I tired many Indian foods including popular one like curry to non-famous one that you never know.

So today I wanna share with you guys, top 3 Indian Strange Foods.
I hope you enjoy it!!!

3. Super ○○ corn 

corn is one of the most popular staple foods and  eaten everywhere.

but the corn that I ate in India was different from the ones you know,,,

Indian corn is,,,,

super borned

its as black as coal

you can see the most black one hold by the hand
even tho it looks burned enought, they continued to cook it over 5 minutes more.
So, when I finally ate it, it was literally coal lol

It seems they believe the more burned the corn gets, the more delicious it becomes 😅



2. getting-○○  powder

On the way to Thar desert, I dropped by a small town called, khuri town.

Then, I met a lively man (the one holding the can below picture)

He was eating this powder in the pic below

It looks like spice

but it was not.

So, I asked “whats this powder ?”

He explained me that

it  is made from seeds. and it makes you feel sleepy, fell less stress and get high

it reminds me of dr〇g

 I knew its not right decision
but this time, I was too curious to eat the mysterious powder.

so, I asked him and he let me eat.

the taste was 


the worst taste I ever eaten
it was like all terrible medicine combined together 

Somehow, I felt high lol

if it was real dr〇g, that would be problem.
So, I would not go deeper
if you are interested, go to Khuri town to eat it to  find out lol

1. ○○able earth 

Out of all foods I ate during the two weeks backpacking in India,
this thing in below pic was most strange delicacy by farrrrrrr

Any guess what’s this thing?

I asked an Indian old woman nearby me what is this.
But she answered something in India which of course I didnt understand.

Anyway I gave it shot

the taste was like a rock you see in sandpit 

I was so scared that I googled the rock thing.
Turned out it is called “Fullers Earth” and it is bleachable

So, Indian use this earth as laundry bleach

that is….

I ate “laundry bleach”😵😵😵

I never expected I would eat laundry bleach in my whole life lol

but thankfully, I am still alive today.
now i can say it was good memory


how did you like my top 3 strange Indian delicacies??

find anything you wanna try?
which one is most unexpected food?

Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated 😁

thx !!!