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Hi Guys

I’m Kota.

It’s been so long

Today I got something that I wanna share with you all.



I started building my own BLOG

And I promise you

I’ll post articles every single day


I dint have to make it public

But I wanted to let all of you guys know it

Cuz Im not good at continuing new things without being known or paid attention to.Tbh, mostly ended up I stop doing that before it becoming part of my habit.

That’s why I published on Facebook that I’ll upload my Blog every day.
So that I forced myself to do it, or ill be a lair lol

3 Reasons for Starting BLOG.


  1. Blanding by Offering


After I back to Japan from studying abroad in Kentucky, America,
I haven’t posted a lot in English on Facebook.

But every time when I post in English,my foreign friends gave me lots comments,which was really sweet.

(implying I expected many comments for this post and articel, too LOL)

So, I wanna do that more constantly like daily basis, to connect you all!

And I’m sure in long term, that leads to branding Kota Hasegawa and enrich my life.


  • Helping by Sharing

Thankfully, I’ve got many colorful experience including studying abroad, backpacking,hitchhiking, internship and so on.

Where I’ve tried, made tons of mistake, got depressed and sometimes got over or not,,,

I’m sure sharing all of this on Blog could be helpful for those in the same situation and in need.

and I hope it WILL happen

  • Maximizing by Forming

I’ve read as many books as 100 for this one year and realized reading does not make me change and grow up to be smarter and better, unless I make action from what I learn from the books.

I need to study actively not passively

I think It will optimize learning that I write down what I fell and learn about books and daily life here on my Blog.



Contents of BLOG


I’m not willing to focus on one topic and
I’ll write about many different things Like studying abroad, travels, my daily thoughts etc.

Aloso, I’ll try to write as many articles in both Japanese and English as possible so that my foreign friends can read them, as long as I have enough time.


That’s all for tdy


Thanks you so much for reading it.

I hope you liked my first English Article.

Look forward to reading more upcoming articles.

any comments or message will be appreciated.
write down any below box



  1. Sunshine より:

    Congratulations on your first article! I hope that you keep going and writing more! 頑張って!

  2. 匿名 より:

    Way to go, Kota!

  3. Todd M より:

    Way to go, Kota

  4. 匿名 より:

    Congrats Kota

  5. 匿名 より:

    Good job Kota!

  6. Hope より:

    This is awesome Kota! We miss you a lot and definitely plan to visit you in Japan when we save enough money!

    • gyagyamal より:

      Hope ! thx for your comment. when the Christmas is coming up, I miss the Christmas we spent together.cannot wait to see yall in Japan