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Best App to Study foreign language and Meet Foreigners

「 I’m English native speaker. So I don’t need to speak foreign languages to talk with foreigners 」

But you know that’s not simple .Not everyone speak English.
so you gotta learn foreign languages to communicate foreigners

Also learning foreign language enrich your life.

If you can speak foreign language, you can talk with local people and this make the trip unforgettable! ,

So I understand the importance of learning foreign language.

How could I learn foreign language🤔

I don’t wanna study textbook on my desk.

Here is The Best App for you to study foreign language and make foreign friends !!

Once you download this app, you’ll be able to talk with foreigners as fast as in 3 minutes.




What’s HelloTalk

Hellotalk is language exchange app where you can connect people all over the world.

if you are America and wanna study Japanese, you can find Japanese who’s studying English, and help each  other with their language study.

Hellotalk has many functions such as

・message and calling
・timeline like SNS
・serching other users

its all free

more detail on official website



3 ways to call foreigners in 3 minutes from now

Download App

First of all, download hellotalk

Go to the official website and download it


Register Profile

once you download it, you enter your basic information like name, age and
choose your level of the language you wanna improve.

By setting your level of the foreign language, they adopt the conversation to your level so that you could understand their language.

you can change all the information on profile. So dont take too much time to make self introduction



Find the people to call


as I told you hellotalk has timeline.
you post and look for people to call with


I posted like this.

Here is Point

Your post has to show the advantages for the people to call with.

All users here on this app aim to study foreign language

So you gonna show willingness to help with their foreign languages, not just asking for the help with your foreign language.

「Who wants to talk with me over phone」

「Who wants to talk with me over phone? I’d love to help with your Japanese speaking」


How I use Hellotalk


I’ve been using this app for over 3 years.
here is the 3 main ways how I use Hellotalk

①Study foreign language by chatting and calling with foreigners on the app

②Hanging out with people I met on the app

③Become friends who is familiar with a country I am traveling and get help from them

③is really helpful. Actually, I got many help from lots of nice Indian people about my Indian trip

インド旅行記 インド料理 おすすめ&珍味ベスト3インドと言えば、カレー。 しかし、インドにはカレー以外においしい食べ物や、日本では絶対にお目にかかれない珍味な食べ物がたくさんあり...

As a recap, Hellotalk is a language exchange app
you can study your foreign languages by the help of foreigners from Hellotalk

Plus Its all free