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3 Reason Why Firework Attract People

Firework is the one of the summer tradition.

Japanese firework is famous for not only Japanese but also people all over the world.

Actually, more and more foreigners are seeing Japanese firework.

Firework held in my hometown, Yokohama city was visited by more than 50,000 people, even though it lasted for only 30 minutes.

Seeing the crowded in the firework,

I wondered


「Why on earth so many people gather on Firework??」


「What makes people wanna go see Firework?」


I came up with 3 reasons for it and I will share it with you guys here.

*this consideration is based on Japanese and so the reasons might be different by countries.

3 Reason Why Firework Attract People


①Status of the living life


Going to see firework is i

Actually, 90% of those who attended the firework were taking pics or videos of the firework for posting SNS. Some of them took and posted a pic that shows only shadow of them so that their friends on SNS can not  tell who they went with but  they clearly realize they enjoy life.

These post imply that “Im enjoying my life”


Like this, People wanna go to firework in order to get status of “the living life”



② Share the same feeling and get closer 


As I told you, firework is getting a tradition for couple.


But Why for couple not for friends or family. 


I think thats because


「Men and Women of all age can understand the beauty of Firework」


that is,

Seeing firework with someone you really care makes you feel same feeling and get closer psychologically with your important partner. 

this is the same reason why Chritmas is an event for couples in Japan.



On the other hand, there are events difficult to feel the same feeling. 

For example, Music

People have different taste about Music.

 Therefore, going to an music concert with your partner will not nessesarily make you share same feeling 


 That’s why people go to music concert with their friends more than couples. 


As I explained,


Seeing firework with someone you really care makes you share the same feeling and  feel get closer psychologically.


that’s is the reason for couples wanna go see firework




③keep changing and exceeding expectation


It is said that Firework has 400 years history since the first firework started in Japan


How is it possible that same thing last and supported  for such long time ?

This is really import and worth thinking about the reason cuz everyone wanna stay popular as long as possible, especially companies or celebrities.

The key for the long success in this case of firework is fallowing.

Firework always exceeds the expectation of the audience and inspires the audience to see again next year, by keeping to improve the quality better


Ive been seeing the firework in my hometown over 10 years and
every year, the quality is better and shows us new types of firework.

and Once the firework is finished

「How much better the firework will be next year」

I was really excited for the next year.

Firework keep improving and exceeding expectation 

is biggest reason for Firework to attract so many people for so long time.


As a recap,,,

「Why People wanna go see firework」 is ,,,

①Status of the living life
②Share the same feeling and get closer 
③keep changing and exceeding expectation 


Thanks for reading 😀